Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nature Narratives

Books are always a great thing, especially during summer vacation, when extra hours abound and long stretches of travel time need now's also the perfect time to check out some new children's titles, colorful books that will sharpen reading skills, teach about new wildlife, and offer up pages of pretty pictures to pore over.

GQ GQ. Where are You? Adventures of a Gambel’s Quail is a great book for younger audiences who don't have loads of attention to give and are just getting a handles on sounding words out. The colorful little tome, written by Sharon I. Ritt and illustrated by Nadia Komorova, follows a curious Gambel’s quail as he leaves home to look for playmates and explore the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona. The book is full of interesting plants and animals that GC encounters on his journey; but as night comes and darkness gathers, he decides the best place to be is home. The book comes with a CD that includes narration by the author and a sing-along version of the story, set to the tune of “Frère Jacques” with musical accompaniment. The book also features an illustrated non-fiction section detailing some of the plants and animals in the story and a special section loaded with fun ideas for activities at home and school.

Got an older elementary-age reader? Here's one for the stacks...In A Squirrel's Story: A True Tale (written by Jana Bommersbach, illustrated by Jeff Yesh), readers will meet Shirlee Squirrel, a mama squirrel who needs to find a home for her babies that keeps them safe and far, far from the clutches of a scary black cat! When they move into a birdhouse made for wood ducks, Shirlee and her young squirrels, Sammy and Sally, create a home of their very own in the backyard of a kind human couple named Rudy and Willie. Shirlee teaches her children everything gray tree squirrels need to know as they grow up in their North Dakota home. The book has the added bonus of curriculum and activity guides, making it a great addition to both the home and the classroom. Kids will be entertained at the same time as they learn about wildlife.

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